Saturday, October 23, 2004

Equipment maintanance

If you were bothered by the recent story of some refusing to carry out assignments in Iraq, here is one GI's look at equipment maintanance.Big Booms and VBIED'sSGT. Lizzie makes for great reading. Add her to your links.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Open Letter to Sacramento Bee; Afghan Election Reporting


With all its costs and the great privilege and historical significance
that free elections in Afghanistan has, you bury it on page A19. Have
you know shame, have you no respect? Where is the common decency that
would herald from the rooftops that most central of all activities of a
free people. The picture of an Afghan man slipping his ballot into the
ballot box made me weep with gratitude for all those who made that
possible, and you bury it on A19. Shame on you!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Cards anyone?

These pictures were taken from Zombie Time. They are two frames of Kerry standing at the podium holding something he has just taken out of his coat pocket. Notice the straight edge of the object. Some reports from Drudge are raising the question of whether Kerry violated the rules of the debate by bringing notes to the podium with him. As I watched the debate I thought for sure he was reading from notes, but I didn't realize you weren't suppose to have anything with you. Maybe he didn't either.

Nothing up my sleeve
Nothing up my other sleeve

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Global Test

I'm howling!! Thanks to little green footballs for this. Take the Global test and see how you do!

Bunker busting or blunder

Hugh has asked;
"Did Kerry blunder in denouncing nuclear bunker busters? If so, why? If
so, how great the damage to his candidacy?"

Probably not. He isn't going to pull people who support the President
away because one of the defining attributes of W's supporters is an
awareness of the times in which we live and the need to be strong.
Kerry's only audience in the next three weeks is the undecided, likely
to vote crowd. Will it make a difference to them? Probably not. The
undecided I've talk to don't really understand the need to be strong.
They are looking closer to home, in a here today, what can you do for me
now mentality. Bunker busting, nuclear bombs are too ethereal for them.

Remember I said "probably not." You can change that to "certainly" if
something big happens. Another attack on U.S. soil would do it. It would
sink Kerry. People's memories are just too short. 9/11 is a footnote in
history for some.

But lest we forget. This is what our Nation is responding to.
Please remember that in the difficult times ahead.